4-in-1 Facial Serum replaces the use of a moisturizer, toner, under eye serum and face serum. Specifically formulated for all areas of the face, no separate eye serum is needed.


4-in-1 acts as a toner to balance the skins pH, face and eye serum by activating cellular regeneration, and lotion by providing all day moisture.


On average, 2 weeks of daily use promotes skin to look significantly younger while diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. The skin is given a youthful glow with gradually fading sun and age spots.

Cytokine activated technology allows for a balanced combination of the same growth factors found in healthy, youthful skin. While antioxidants added are designed to stimulate collagen production while activating the skin’s natural cellular growth processes.


This formula stimulates skin cells to repair damage accumulated over years of exposure to the elements and the aging process. Wrinkles around the eye or fine lines have been shown to reduce after only 1 week of daily application. Hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and puffiness reduce while skin becomes softer and firmer